Cycling Event Road Closure Information

The Mens Tour of Britain Cycling Race comes in to Derbyshire, for all of a few hundred metres  on 6th September 2016. (It travels on the A537 over Cat & Fiddle from Macclesfield, and then turns south-westwards immediately back over the border out of Derbyshire on the A54 towards Bosley)

Cheshire East have prepared the Section 16A Road Closure and Waiting Restrictions Order for the event, to include the few hundred metres of road within Derbyshire.

Copy of the Traffic Regulation Order has just been received this afternoon from Cheshire East, and is attached, together with the following e-mail trail providing information regarding advance signage within Derbyshire, which is to be provided by the event hosts / race organisers .

Note DCC are also triggering the fixed Variable Message sign coming out of Buxton westwards, in order to provide additional advance information for road users.

Note I understand from Cheshire East that additional route information and anticipated times of arrival of the race, and the rolling road closure can be found at the website link:-

This website information should assist motorists in planning journeys.

As well as coming over Cat & Fiddle, the route also passes near to Kettleshulme (just over the border in Cheshire, on the Whaley Bridge to Macclesfield Road). Any drivers travelling from Whaley Bridge to Macclesfield on 6th September whilst the race is in progress in this area are also likely to experience delays.

Any further information can be requested via Cheshire East Highways. Wayne Ashdown as Network Manager is probably the best initial contact point.



Dave Connell

Senior Project Engineer

Traffic Network Management


Telephone 01629 538592

Economy, Transport and Environment | Derbyshire County Council

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