The Parish Council has no long term liabilities such as loans or long term “contractual commitments to spend”.

Current liabilities are limited to;

  1. Normal operational expenditure.
  2. The maintenance of the assets of the Parish Council, such as the Playground, War Memorial, Remembrance Gardens and Village Hall.
  3. PLUS the monies held in trust on behalf of the Residents of the Parish who have organised the provision of a Defibrillator Installation on Sterndale Moor.

Therefore, the Current Liabilities of the Parish Council include a Special Defibrillator Reserved Fund in which all the donations and other monies for the Sterndale Moor Defibrillator are held until called upon by the British Heart Foundation or other organisations involved in the provision and maintenance of the equipment.

You can view all the transactions on this Defibrillator Reserved Fund and see the Current Balance here;