Sterndale Moor – Improve Waste Water System

Severn Trent are working with the Residents at Sterndale Moor to upgrade waste water facilities.

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Please see below for a project update:

Summary of recent work undertaken:

·         CCTV Survey of all shared sewers was carried out for three days between 13 September 2016 and 15th September 2016 – High success rate – approximately 90% of total length successfully surveyed in full.

·         Vac-Jetter recycling unit used on 15 September 2016,  over 9 hrs on site,  to clear blocked sewer lengths caused by solid ragging, tree roots, sewer defects and half a house brick removed to enable second pre-cleansed CCTV Survey to be completed. Awaiting DVD and full survey report from contractor.

·         Summary of Blocked sewers:  

1.        Sewer cleansed between No. 2-13 Sterndale Moor at rear of properties (flat, localised reverse gradient/backfall).

2.       Blocked sewer Rear of Nos. 20-28  jetted clear, caused by obstruction (solid rags) in inspection chamber rear of No. 28 Sterndale Moor.

3.       30% Tree root mass  removed from sewer approx. 7 metres downstream of MH adjacent to garage at rear of No. 20 Sterndale Moor.

4.       Silt blockage removed / half brick removed from sewer in road between 2 no. buried manholes just upstream of  broken pipe  / pipe invert in sewer outside No. 42 Sterndale Moor.  Broken pipe invert and buried manholes prevented full completion of CCTV Survey.

5.       Blockage removed from damaged sewer upstream of Septic tank (Rear of Nos. 44/46 Sterndale Moor)

6.       Unable to CCTV Survey drain between Sports Pavilion and No. 15 Sterndale Moor due to blockages/debris in pipe.

·         Ecological desktop study and walk-over survey at Sterndale Moor,  undertaken by RPS, Ecological Consultants on 13 September 2016.

·         Geo-technical desktop Study undertaken by Nicholls Colton and received on 19 September 2016.

·         STW Meeting with Paul Chambers – Environment Agency (EA) on 24 August 2016 to discuss existing works consent, EA requirements, advise for residents regarding their connection options and investigations if local waste water treatment site at Sterndale Moor was chosen as an Option.

·         Meeting with Severn Trent Water Non-Infra to discuss merits of localised new treatment facility at Sterndale Moor and update on potential spare capacity at Chelmorton Waste Water Treatment Works.

Following these meetings and further site surveys,  Severn Trent Water will over the next few weeks, need to evaluate the Option of treating locally at Sterndale Moor against a second option of laying a gravity sewer to Chelmorton Waste Water Treatment Works.

This evaluation will be in respect of whole –life cost (Capital Costs and Future Operational Costs), including maintenance, risk of planning delay and  refusal, construction risks, risks to underground aquifers and EA Approval.

There will also be localised sewer replacement, remedial work to some manholes and possible relining work on the existing sewerage system in Sterndale Moor, included in either option.

Some further CCTV /Cleansing will be undertaken in  November 2016  to survey the blocked sports pavilion connection and sewers upstream of  Chelmorton Waste Water Treatment Works.

Further information and updates will follow in due course and we plan to hold a meeting with High Peak BC , Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council and local Councillors in advance of any public meeting.  We need to decide where to hold this meeting? Could it be held at the committee hall in Sterndale Moor or can a room be booked at the Buxton Council Offices again?

We propose to hold a public meeting / exhibition with local residents when the preferred option has been established, hopefully before mid December 2016. Ideally this meeting needs be held locally so it is a walkable distance from affected properties. Would it be possible to use the existing Sterndale committee hall? We tend to schedule these meetings between 2pm and 7:30pm to try and catch as many people as possible.

Best regards

Graham Robinson

Senior Programme Engineer





CC Letter – Dene-tech sewer and manhole survey 020316


Update on progress June 14th 2016

From: Nightingale, David
Sent: 13 June 2016 15:09

Please see below an update on the investigations at Sterndale Moor:

·         Land referencing has been completed, apart from any more recent changes in ownership.

·         Manhole and Private drainage surveys were undertaken by Dene-tech between 8th March 2016 and 18th March 2016 (See attached prior  letter dated 2 March 2016 sent to residents and owners at Sterndale Moor).   Full Survey information was received on 26 April 2016.   

·         A Site meeting between Severn Trent Water Asset Creation and High Peak Borough Council was held on 23 March 2016 to discuss known sewer operational issues and to discuss buried manholes found as part of the manhole survey within the carriageway of Sterndale Moor.  High Peak Borough Council to contact Derbyshire County Council to see if they were prepared to raise these covers to ground level (assumed to be covered over by Derbyshire County Council carriageway surface dressing). 

·         Reply from Mike Towers at High Peak Borough Council on 31 May 2016: ‘Derbyshire  Highways Department have conducted some exploratory exposure of the sub-surface in the two areas marked and claim that they must be buried deeper than would have been apparent during resurfacing works. They are confident, therefore, that they have not covered over any chambers that were visible at the time of resurfacing’.

·         Following receipt of the manhole and private drainage survey information, Severn Trent Water ‘ Sewerage Management Plan Consultant for this area, RPS Group, are in the process of auditing the manhole survey data and constructing a hydraulic model of the sewerage system from scratch to determine the hydraulic performance of the existing sewerage system.

·         Severn Trent Water Asset Creation are currently in the process of arranging CCTV surveys of the existing sewers in Sterndale Moor to determine their structural condition.   This work is likely to commence in July 2016 and further letters will be sent out to residents in advance of this work.

·         Severn Trent Water Asset Creation are currently in the process of arranging an ecological desktop study report and ecological walk-over constraints survey at Sterndale Moor.  This will be undertaken by one of Severn Trent Water’s approved ecological consultants sometime in late June or July 2016.

·         Severn Trent are still planning to arrange an exhibition on Sterndale Moor to help clarify to the residents the plans and the legal responsibilities once all investigations have been completed and following further direct discussions with local landowners and the Environment Agency.

·         The S101A  project is still on target for completion in March 2018.

Kind Regards.

David Nightingale

Solution Engineer

Severn Trent Water

Modelling & Investment Planning

Asset Creation Infrastructure East 1

Severn Trent Water Limited, PO Box 51, Raynesway, Derby DE21 7JA